Doctor of Philosophy
Studying for a Ph.D. in NUS can be a very rewarding and exciting experience. Yes, it will mean dedication and work.

Doctoral research represents a unique, individual contribution to its discipline, so each student's program is different. It provides an opportunity for you to chase ideas, seek new things, make your ideas work, whether these are connected with technical approaches or simply creative pursuits.

Most often, you will undertake the Ph.D. to work towards a career in teaching and/or research in an educational institution or a research center. Helping you to become a member of the academic community should not be the only reason that you might join us to undertake the doctoral study. Many leaders and middle management in multinational companies of today are doctorates. The doctoral experience enhances the critical thinking and sharpens the analytical mind to face the challenges of the constantly changing global world.

The doctoral study includes taking a number of prescribed modules in the same or related field of research. This provides a graduate level foundation and prepares the student for research work. Students also take time to attend and participate in seminars where current research is presented by their peers, staff or visitors. Students also take a Ph.D. qualifying examination to ensure that they are making headway in the right direction. The research works which forms the largest single component culminate to a thesis will be examined. Students also undergo and pass an oral examination of their research work before a panel.

Take your time to explore the exciting research of our faculty members and the various scholarship opportunities available for you. The next exciting step is yours!

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Master of Engineering
The Master of Engineering (by research) is particularly appropriate for you if you wish to develop your research abilities without committing yourself to the larger scale doctoral degree. The Masters by research will appeal to those who wish to formalise work related projects, or who wish to gain formal research experience appropriate to particular work situations.

If at this point in time, you are not sure of your suitability in the research arena, you may also opt to pursue the Master’s by research programme. Many of our M.Eng. students with Ph.D. calibre subsequently upgrade their programme to the doctoral programme after a year of study.

However, since our focus is on doctoral programmes, priority is given to those who admit for our Ph.D. study. If you have a good first degree, you are encouraged to apply for admission to our doctoral programme with a research scholarship. There is no bond for our scholarships.

Take your time to explore the exciting research of our faculty members and the various scholarship opportunities available for you.

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